Our Products and Services

Groundbreaking Solutions for Critical Problems

Cloud Bound is able to solve difficult problems because we have found a way to break through the "silos" that exist in the public safety arena. By finding common ground between experts in technology and emergency response, we have been able to develop solutions that go beyond the status quo to equip responders in ways they've never imagined. Our solutions bring together the best of both worlds: world class expertise in disaster response, and technology solutions that cut through red tape and enable emergency responders to do their jobs more effectively and more efficiently.

ICS Bridge

ICS Bridge provides incident leadership with critical real-time information in a way that reduces paperwork and facilitates decision-making. ICS Bridge follows the protocols of ICS (Incident Command System) by capturing incident data and distributing it to the command staff in real time. ICS Bridge provides complete NIMS-compliant forms with a single click, eliminating hours of paperwork during the incident planning process.