Our Partners

Innovation Through Collaboration

We set the highest standards for ourselves, and we look for the same level of integrity in our business partners. By demanding excellence from our partners, we can ensure that our customers will receive the highest level of service at all stages of their experience.


NCOIC is an international organization for accelerating the global implementation of network centric principles and systems--to improve information sharing among various communities of interest for the betterment of their productivity, interactivity, safety, and security. Colleen Dealey is the current Vice-Chair of the Cloud Computing Work Group and is actively involved in the Rapid Response Capability initiative and the follow on activity of the Rapid Response Incubator.

Interoperability Clearinghouse

ICH is a not-for-profit collaboratory of standards/industry groups, solution providers, testing/research organizations, and IT practitioners. ICH serves members and the general public by helping to advance the capability and integrity of information and communication infrastructures.

Information Technology Acquisition Advisory Council

The Information Technology Acquisition Advisory Council (ITAAC) is a public/private partnership of concerned citizens, public interest groups, private sector sponsors and government partners working together to serve as a catalyst for positive change and evolution in the Information Technology Acquisition System to meet the demands of the 21st century.